John Hounam

John Hounam, Leader

Among his other talents, John Hounam is an accomplished violinist and skilled instrumental teacher. He enjoys helping amateur players to achieve their potential and to improve their understanding of classical music. His clear lead, encouragement, patience and humour have contributed greatly to the confidence of members of the orchestra, and this has come across in performances.

John began his career as a member of the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, before working as a freelance violinist in London for ten years. During this time, he was a founding member of the European Baroque Orchestra. He later moved to Argentina, where he appeared as soloist with the Mendoza State Orchestra and Musica Antigua Mendoza. Back home, in 2000, he produced the UK’s first tango CD with his tango band, Passion Canyengue.

John is also an artist, and paints a variety of subjects, including landscapes, buildings, still life and portraits. His painting business is called “The Art of Portraiture”. In May 2018, at the Ruskin School of Art in the University of Oxford, John presented his first art installation, “The Anatomy of the Violin”, and his book of the same title.