The orchestra is managed by a group of trustees, each of whom is elected for a three-year term, after which s/he can stand for re-election. Together with the conductor, Chris Fletcher-Campbell, and the leader, John Hounam, they form the committee, which meets around three times a year to oversee the planning of concert programmes and attend to other orchestral business. Members are given notice of these meetings and invited to raise any issues they feel should be discussed. After the meetings, a short summary of the proceedings is sent to members.

The committee has devised a system for planning concert programmes that takes into account members’ suggestions via a “suggestions book”, a survey and a vote at the AGM, as well as through informal discussions.

The current trustees are as follows:

Annette Mayer (flute), Chair

Ingrid Lunt (viola), Concert Manager, Vice-Chair

Bill Manville (bassoon), Secretary

Sarah Seddon (viola), Treasurer

Dominic Piers Smith (cello)

Suzannah Freethy (horn)

Julia Sherriff (violin 1), Refreshments

Rumi Ringshall (violin 2), Publicity

The trustees can be contacted on the e-mail address